What Every Real Estate Instructor Should Know

Sir Ken Robinson Shares on TedTalk

This is an amazing 19 minute lecture that every instructor or managing broker should listen to.  It has to do with how people learn and share.  The conversation has to do with grade-school students, but the principals are easily transferable to what we all do.


Listing Hunt Presentation from #GenBlueVA 2013

Finding Real Estate Listings Requires Action!

Just a big shout out to the folks at Coldwell Banker for letting me share with my peers again.  This is a copy of my presentation from the Listing Hunt presentation.

Class Description

Once upon a time, all you needed to do to get the listing was to be the first agent they called. No more. With sellers interviewing multiple agents, how are you going to stand out? Do you know what tools are available to you to set yourself apart? This session works on the pre-listing, listing and post listing appointment strategies that successful agents use to becoming the Listing Agent of Choice. Don’t get pushed out of the way as the Seller looks for the best option, become that best option! This learning experience will cover tools, resources and tactics to win the listing every time!

My FSBO Page

Should I Get An iPad Instead of A Laptop?

ipad_hero copyA few years ago I stopped putting off a desire I had possessed since I was young, and I took a weekend off and went to class to get my motorcycle license. Since then I haven’t looked back.  I ride my BMW 1150 Rockster as often as I can.  Why do you care, you may ask… Because, this is how I begin to answer the question “When I need a new laptop, should I just get a tablet device instead?”

I use the analogy because it puts into perspective my answer which is “both”.  Just like my motorcycle, the tablet is fun to use, practical in that it get’s good gas mileage and like my car it gets me where I’m going.  Sometimes it can get me where I need to go faster and other times it lets me go places where my car isn’t versatile enough.  However, if there is bad weather, the need to transport more than two people, pack a lot of stuff or long distance traveling than the motorcycle isn’t practical.

The tablet device is not quite ready to completely replace the laptop; rather they work in conjunction to meet my needs.  I can check email on both, access most, but not all, websites, etc…  There is a much broader range of computing programs available to the Mac or Windows operating system, than the App Store currently holds.  Most tablets allow me to create presentations, documents and other multi-media presentations but it isn’t as easy to do on the table as it is on the laptop and there are often fewer options or features on the tablet.

The laptop serves the primary need I have for really getting work done, whereas the tablet lets me be mobile and handle a myriad of limited tasks.  The laptop offers a broader range of physical resources, such as speed, storage and media connections (such as USB devices).  The tablet is my mobile briefcase and works in concert with the laptop for file transfers, design work, data entry and much more.

A good example of this is contract creation.  When drafting an offer to purchase I can put together a quick document on the tablet and the client can sign the screen or use a eSignature service, however if I’m putting together a 50 page offer, it’s much more efficient to do so on the laptop.  However most laptops will not allow your client to sign on it’s screen.  In this scenario, but devices are useful for reaching your goals for separate reasons.

Agents are certainly on the go and in my estimation a tablet device is a must, but isn’t yet ready to be the only tool.  It will allow you to sign documents in the field, created agreements, stay in contact, take and edit pictures and videos.  It prevents me from lugging my laptop out to do some basic aspects of computing, which could extend the life of our laptop, but it’s not necessarily a replacement.

Agents will find that to not have one or the other will certainly limit them in their practice and in keeping up with a fast-paced, hyper-connected industry.


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